"L'approche personnalisée de Vanessa dans son enseignement du yoga rend l'expérience à la fois facile et apaisante, tout en permettant de repousser les limites de son corps et de surmonter les défis d'une pratique rigoureuse. Sa connaissance approfondie du corps humain et de sa mécanique assurent également une pratique saine et adapté à tous, peu importe le style de vie, les limitations physiques et/ou les intentions de la pratique." (Catherine, Yoga en tête-à-tête)

"Vanessa agreed to be a guest lecturer in a graduate class, Child and Adolescent Therapy, that I teach at McGill University. Her passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism were truly remarkable. The students were fully engaged and really benefited from the theoretical knowledge, as well as practical skills Vanessa shared with the class. She was bombarded by questions, and as we ran out of time,  agreed to continue to be available for future questions by email. This class definitely stood out for my students" (Dr. Fuks, McGill University / Argyle Institute).

"Vanessa fait bien plus que livrer ses enseignements, elle rayonne littéralement d'une énergie qui oblige à l'intégrité et qui amène à ouvrir là où les résistances sont parfois trop bien ancrées " (Valerie, Studio de yoga).

"Vanessa's pre-natal yoga classes were exactly what I needed while pregnant. Not only were the classes well-taught and relaxing, but she also helped me to prepare for the birth of my child. She gave me the tools I needed regarding breathing and relaxation during childbirth. I highly recommend Vanessa" (Rotem, Pre-natal Yoga).

"Je suis la montagne" (Méditation pour debutant 2).

"Yoga with Vanessa is not only invigorating, it is also challenging and at the same time brings a sense a of calm to the mind, body and breath. Vanessa is a yogini who embraces the perfect balance between relaxation and revitalization in her yoga courses" (Devan, Dawson College).

"A couple years ago I was experiencing a tremendous amount of discomfort with abdominal pain that resulted in severe back pain. Vanessa taught me a series of classes and poses that gave me much relief and comfort. Physically it was extremely helpful, but it also helped with the emotional stress and anxiety the pain was causing me" (Daphne, One on One Yoga).

"Vanessa has a natural ability to connect with her audience.  She is caring, open minded and supportive which allows clients at any level to excel at their own pace" (Elysia, Champlain College).

“Vanessa is an inspiring and joyous teacher who can engage students ranging from absolute novices to experienced yogic practitioners. I always enjoy her classes and can whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone interested in yoga” (Gerry, Corporate Yoga).

"I was initially intimidated as a pregnant novice starting yoga, but Vanessa was extremely patient and caring through our classes together, ensuring that I was comfortable and provided modified versions if I was not able to comfortably hold a pose. The techniques that she taught gave much stress relief throughout my pregnancy and particularly during labour, allowing me to listen to my body and breathe out the pain. I would whole heartedly recommend Vanessa, not only for her knowledge, but her heart" (Naomi, Pre-natal Yoga).

"Ready to take on the world, one pose at a time" (Arpy, Psycho-educational Yoga Program).

“In her M.A. thesis, Vanessa was able to provide a nuanced and illuminating account of contemporary yoga practices and connections” (Dr. Amit, Concordia University).