Vanessa's Educational and Training Background


What unfolds from Vanessa’s experience(s) of practicing and training in yoga collectives, working in the helping field, and studying social and cultural anthropology is a yoga approach that understands and takes into consideration the various variables that influence and impact individuals lives and their well-being.  Without changing or diluting the yoga practice Vanessa offers yoga and meditation classes that result in deepening awareness, developing resiliency and living with life’s stresses and hardships with more ease and receptivity.

Vanessa's completed several yoga instruction certificates such as, hatha-based therapeutic yoga, integrative ashtanga-hatha yoga, restorative and pre-natal yoga, and yoga for cancer survivors. She`s also received additional training with several experienced teachers such as Mark Singleton, Sonia Osorio, Richard Freeman, David Swenson and Father Joseph Pereira. She's been teaching yoga since 2007 and has taught in different settings; yoga studios, CEGEPS, universities, community organizations, corporations, gyms, therapy centres and privately.   

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Vanessa holds a Master of Arts degree in Social Cultural Anthropology where she conducted research on the mobility and embodiment of modern yoga in Montreal. Her thesis is also available online. 

“To undertake a genuine spiritual path is not to avoid difficulties but to learn the art of making mistakes wakefully, to bring to them the transformative power of our heart” – Jack Kornfield